Quilting Charges

Minimum Charge $45.00

Quilts are first come - first served.

$0.018 psiTo calculate quilting costs: (Effective 1/1/24 price will be $.02psi)
Width of quilt _______ x Length of quilt ________ = ________ square inches. Times .018 = ___________ total.

Backing must be a minimum of 8" longer and 6" wider than the quilt top to allow proper attachment to the quilt frame.
Complimentary / Decorative Edge to Edge - Over 900 patterns available.
Batting Available - or supply a quality batting of your choice. Pieced battings not accepted.
$10.00 per yard - Hobbs 80/20

$12.00 per yard - Quilters Dream 100% Cotton
$13.00 per yard - Hobbs wool
Binding with the Longarm
$25.00 minimum or $.015 per linear inch. Attaching binding. Customer will prepare binding and complete.
$.025 per linear inch if fabric provided and Butterfly Quilting prepare and attach binding. Customer to complete.

$25.00 Hourly Service Charge for wavy borders, non-squared backings, or other quilt issues. Quilter will be notified.

Please see Quilt Prep to prepare your quilt top and backing for quilting.