Quilting Charges

Minimum Charge $45.00

Quilts are first come - first served.

To calculate quilting costs:
Width of quilt _______ x Length of quilt ________ = ________ square inches
Backing must be a minimum of 8" longer and 6" wider than the quilt top to allow proper attachment to the quilt frame.
$0.015 psi
Basic Edge to Edge Quilting - 30 patterns available
$0.018 psi
Complimentary / Decorative Edge to Edge - Over 700 patterns available.
Batting Available - or supply a quality batting of your choice.
$10.00 per yard - Hobbs 80/20
$12.00 per yard - Quilters Dream 100% Cotton
$13.00 per yard - Hobbs wool
Binding with the Longarm
$25.00 minimum or $.015 per linear inch. Attaching binding. Customer will prepare binding and complete.
$.025 per linear inch if fabric provided and Butterfly Quilting prepare and attach binding. Customer to complete.
$25.00 Hourly Service Charge

Quilts not ready to be quilted, or with issues during quilting, may be assessed preparation charges and customer will be notified.

Please see
Quilt Prep to best prepare your quilt for quilting.